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Professional Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning in Moreno Valley

Is it time for your area rugs to be cleaned by experts in Moreno Valley, CA? At Integrity Chem-Dry we can get a deep and amazing rug cleaning. We are able to clean a variety of rugs including Oriental and Persian rugs. Call us today for more information and schedule your appointment online (on the left).

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Get Your Area and Orientals Rugs Cleaned by Experts in Moreno Valley, CA

Get Your Rugs Cleaned By Professionals in Moreno Valley

Area rugs can make all the difference in a room. They are beautiful and add a certain character to your home. They are usually highly foot trafficked, too. This is bittersweet, it can protect your floors and people get to see your amazing area rug. However, it does get dirty and cleaning it can be difficult. At Integrity Chem-Dry we know how to handle and care for a variety of rugs and fabrics, even the more delicate ones. You’ll be pleased with the results we get from our deep cleaning process.

At Integrity Chem-Dry in Moreno Valley we are professionals when it comes to cleaning your area and oriental rugs. We know how to care for all kinds of rugs from the common area rugs to Persian rugs, which are usually more delicate and expensive. We have the proper equipment and cleaning solutions to care for your most delicate rugs. It’s important to keep them clean. Your area rugs act as large filters, trapping bacteria, dirt, and allergens. They’re similar to upholstery and carpets. So. it’s important to keep your rugs cleaned on a regular basis. It’s like cleaning your air filters. By cleaning them regularly it’ll keep them lasting longer too. Call us for more information or go ahead and schedule your appointment today!

Area and Oriental Rugs Require Special Care, Choose Us To Handle and Care for Them in Moreno Valley CA

Your area rugs are a statement piece in your home.They can make all the difference. When it comes to choosing it, it probably wasn’t easy. You probably spent a lot of time picking out the perfect rug, that will compliment your home and lifestyle. Then there are all the colors and patterns. Area and Oriental rugs are expensive too. So, it’s important that it lasts a long time. In order to keep your rug's long-lasting, they need to be cleaned regularly. This can be difficult in itself. Depending on the type of rug, they can be very delicate and need special care. At Integrity Chem-Dry, we have special equipment and products to get your rugs deep cleaned. It’ll go deep to remove the dirt, bacteria, and allergens. Our process extracts the dirt from deep within, allowing us to use less water. This is great for you and your home because your rugs will dry much faster and it’s great for the environment. Call us for more information or schedule your appointment online today!

At Integrity Chem-Dry, you’ll get incredible results. We know how to handle all types of fabrics and colors. Our process will bring out the vibrant colors all while getting a deep clean and being gentle on your rugs. It’ll be like getting a new rug all over again! Schedule your appointment today. We can’t wait to meet and work with you.